Home Health Notify

4 Pillars of Home Health Notify Platform

Home Health Notify highlights the four most important work philosophies of HHAs. We are here to pour the secret sauce, which will help your agency take complete advantage of our versatile platform. These key features are quintessential in improving staff efficiency & accountability. Following our guidelines will help you witness dramatic improvement in patient care.

1. Communicate in real-time: Time is of great essence in the medical field. As soon as you learn something about a patient that your colleagues should know, share it immediately. Instant action is of utmost importance. More so essential during the times of COVID-19. At TONE, one of the OTs received a phone call from a patient’s daughter, she said, “Mom’s not feeling well. She is coughing, has fever and suspecting COVID.” The OT didn’t share the information until much later in the day. Luckily, nobody visited the patient that day, else it would be disastrous. Such potential exposure could have been avoided with a quick text message.

2. Red is dangerous: Colour RED, in the App is always highlighted as potential risk to the patient. All alerts on the platform, flash in RED colour. It is a persistent reminder that someone is waiting on a pressing requirement, which if delayed, may have serious repercussions. Your quick and efficient response, will decrease hospitalization rates and keep patients safe. If you see RED – take action! If SOC is pending, i.e., the patient has been discharged from the hospital, but care hasn’t yet started, assistance is required immediately. For example, if bathroom transfer procedures have not been put in place and explained to an aging couple at the earliest, we put patient and their caregiver at risk for a fall and re-hospitalization.

3. Templates are a lifeline: Templates drive the platform. A huge amount of research and thought process, has been put towards developing the templates. SOC Template changes the House colour, EVAL Template changes the Discipline colour, Revisit Template updates the LUPA calendar & Map Routing, Revisit Template also updates patient’s & clinicians’ calendar. We have tried to keep them simple and self-explanatory. All patient interactions need to be recorded and shared with office staff as soon as possible. It may seem as an added chore, on the contrary, templates are just enough information to keep the team updated and aid smooth patient-care.

4. Ask for Acknowledgement: In a clinician’s busy schedule, it is challenging to read and reply all messages on time. This feature is key to seek immediate attention of a particular professional immediately. Very handy while taking crucial decisions along with the physicians, can be done virtually via HHN when there isn’t enough time to reach office staff for approvals on paper. Saves a whole lot of effort, time and paper trail. It is a very convenient feature, when clinicians are handling critically ill patients. The feature works both ways – if the patient needs you, they will ask you for acknowledgement and vice versa. When requests get routed quickly to the right person, you will witness escalation in efficiency and accountability in your team.