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Top 5 Advanced Communication Features for Home Health Industry

#1 Ask for Acknowledgment:

Extremely useful in formal CONFIRMATION of messages. It comes very handy while taking crucial decisions along with the physicians virtually, when there isn’t enough time to reach office staff for approvals on paper. Saves a whole lot of effort and time, which is extremely important for Clinicians handling critically ill patients.

#2 Visible to Physicians:

A custom-built option to aid in reaching critically important messages to physicians in REAL-TIME, while filtering out regular communication between the other clinicians, office staff. This surely is a boon for Patients who need to reach out in time of direct medical advice from physicians.

#3 Visible to Patients:

The patients do not need to be involved in the regular conversation within the team full of medical jargon. This would rather make them anxious. This feature helps declutter their inbox and only read the messages directed to them. Important instructions and guidelines to the patients can be followed without any confusion.

#4 Priority Messages:

This alerts the team to handle a situation when patients’ requirement is to be met or key decisions have to be made at the earliest during a noticeable medical event. Messages marked as “PRIORITY” are open to be addressed by the entire team in case the person it is addressed to is unable to answer in time.

#5 Star Messages:

Wouldn’t you love to be able to mark a message as an important task with a ‘STAR’ option. It is a personal ‘Things to do list’ for the Clinicians. The flag works as a reminder to staff for completing various tasks like wound dressings, massage, therapy on certain patients, etc. Convenient and useful for not just Clinicians but for patients too.