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Home Health Administration

Home Health Agencies have conventionally been handling and coordinating with staff through an array of phone calls and staff roster. On the other hand, field staff & clinicians have been managing patients in different geographical locations with very little information about them and their whereabouts. For a large part of their day, Home Health Office staff, turned into telephone exchange executives, managing endless phone connecting patients to field staff and vice versa. Getting it all right in a defined time seemed nothing short of a miracle.

Home Health Notify has revolutionized the entire process. It is now all in your Mobile Phone screen, at your fingertips. Location maps and charts, HIPAA compliant transparent communication channels, well curated calendar and planners and reminders make it convenient for the Agency, clinicians and Patients as well. Everyone being on the same page, expedites the medical processes in real-time, resulting in reduced hospitalization. Home Health Notify plays essential role in imbibing culture of accountability among staff. The positive results and improved quality of care can be seen within weeks.

  • Manage higher patient census with current staff
  • Culture of accountability and responsibility in staff
  • Real-time visibility into patient care
  • Improved star-ratings on Home Health Compare
  • Reduce Cost


Clinicians play the most critical role in growing practices of “Hospital-at-Home”. You are challenged with caring for higher-acuity patients with different needs at several locations. It is critical managing seamless coordination with physicians for procedures and medical paperwork.

Home Health Notify is a much-needed respite, bringing everyone together in real-time. Interpersonal communication, important messages regarding medical procedure, notifying physicians, assigning therapy / dressing / doctor visits can all be done on this versatile platform proficiently. Transparent communication and easy assimilation of work brings in high efficiency and happier patients. Elimination of multi-fold coordination and repetition of work, gives a needed breather to overwhelmed Clinicians. With more time in hand, you can manage more patients.

  • Well informed and equipped staff
  • Simplified patient life cycle management
  • Real-Time clinical scheduling with LUPA information
  • Easy access to patient records


Physicians are ultimate decision makers and accountable for the patient’s health. Home Health Notify is a virtual assistant to physicians. Special advanced communication features on the platform gives them an option to filter messages. They can mark and see only most relevant messages especially during medical emergencies. This not only promotes efficiency, but also clear decision-making enabling physicians to provide timely and optimal care for patients. Physicians are primarily tasked to keep patients out of hospital, and finally they have a software solution that empowers them to achieve just that.

  • Real-time patient updates
  • Advanced communication features
  • Easy access to patient records
  • HIPAA compliant telehealth access


Improved outcomes and satisfied patients are the ultimate goal for all Home Health Agencies. In return, the patients are looking for responsible medical staff they can trust. Home Health Notify, the patient-centric platform, helps your team communicate and better coordinate patient’s care. Advanced Communication features are implemented keeping patients’ priorities in mind. Functions like PRIORITY MESSAGE, EASY ACCESS TO PHYSICIAN, MESSAGE VISIBLE TO PATIENT are few of many examples our versatile platform has in store for you.

  • Quick and efficient access to care and clinicians
  • Ease of communication
  • Improves outcomes
  • Reduces Hospitalizations