My name is Salim Bhinderwala. I am the CEO of TONE Home Health Services Inc. Michigan and the founder of Home Health Notify. Over the past 20 years in Home Health, I have seen the industry change dramatically. Today, the industry has become more and more focused on improved, measurable patient outcomes. In order to keep up with the changes, we have adopted many tools along the way, and now we have built one of our own and want to share it with you.

A few years ago, TONE saw a dramatic increase in patients. With the increase in patient load came a lot of overhead. Specifically, our office was flooded with phone calls. We hired extra staff, increased the number of phone lines, and tried whatever we could but our staff, in the office and in the field, was overwhelmed.

This is when we decided to switch to a HIPAA compliant messaging platform. The switch provided a platform where we could quickly and reliably relay information to individuals and groups. Our processes and teamwork improved significantly, and our office was no longer a switchboard.

The platform, however, had to be tinkered with a lot to fit with our industry’s and agency’s unique processes. After adapting it as much as we could, we found it was still lacking. As I saw my staff struggle with the technology, I began to envision what a communication platform built for Home Health might look like.In the fall of 2018, armed with a bunch of sketches, we started building Home Health Notify.

Every feature you see today was designed specifically for this industry and was tested through our staff at TONE. We built the app, focusing on three main outcomes: 1) Improved patient care, 2) Staff accountability, 3) Efficient processes It was quite evident after a couple of months of using the app that it changed us; it infused a culture of accountability and efficiency throughout the company. As for me, the most exciting aspect was that it improved the outcomes of my patients because of the improved care coordination. For the first time in 20 years, I saw physicians, patients, and clinicians communicating in real-time and preventing hospitalizations.

When COVID struck in early 2020, Home Health Notify rose to the occasion. With the office entirely empty, we were still able to manage our patients and deliver high-quality care. In the months following the worst phase of the epidemic, we saw a dramatic increase in patient load again. This time we had a tool, Home Health Notify, that allowed us to manage more patients just as efficiently. And today, I am proud to say that we have a 500+ census and through the pandemic are still providing care with a 4+ rating from Medicare. We have also received more than 250+ 5-star reviews on Google.

Today, I want to share this tool with you. I hope that it transforms your agency and helps your patients like it has for us. I also want to thank everyone at TONE for patiently testing the software, through all the beta releases, while working on the frontline. Thank you!