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Hello Everyone,

I am Salim Bhinderwala, founder of Home Health Notify and CEO of TONE Home Health Services Inc. Michigan. With more than 2 decades of experience in Home Health, I have seen the industry transform dramatically. Today, we are highly focused on improved and measurable patient outcomes. Our dedication to reform, effective healthcare had led us to adopt many Applications for favourable results in past.

The endless challenges and hand-on attempts on several occasions for these many years has initiated me to conceptualise and built a comprehensive system. I am excited to share my story that eventually led me to develop Home Health Notify App.

A few years ago, TONE saw an exceeding increase in patients, resulting in increased load of overhead. Hence, our offices were flooded with several phone calls from patients and different clinicians. We had to hire extra staff and telephone lines. The duplication of communication and several levels of inter-personal coordination seemed extremely overwhelming to the team.

At TONE, we decided to switch to a HIPAA compliant messaging platform. We started using an Application, where we could quickly and reliably relay information to individuals and groups. Our processes and teamwork improved significantly, and our office was no longer a Telephone switchboard.

The Brain-Wave

The restless innovator in me tried to tweak the system at an operational level to fit specific requirements of our agency. The system was helpful, but was not user friendly and my staff struggled using it. This got me thinking; what if I could develop a communication platform which can be user-friendly, self-explanatory and transparent.

In the Fall of 2018, armed with a few rough sketches, we started building Home Health Notify. I designed every feature, keeping in mind industry requirements and specifications. They are all rigorously tested through our staff at TONE, where our focus has always been on three most important aspects:

  1. Improved Patient Care
  2. Staff Accountability
  3. Efficient Processes

After dry run and testing of the App, it was very evident that the App transformed our working ethics at TONE. It infused a culture of accountability and efficiency throughout the company. For me, the most important and exciting outcome was, improved results of our patients due to improved care coordination. For the first time in 20 years, I saw physicians, patients, and clinicians communicating in real-time and preventing hospitalizations.

Challenging Times (COVID)

When COVID struck in early 2020, Home Health Notify rose to the occasion. With the office entirely empty, we were still able to manage our patients and deliver high-quality care. Worst phase of the pandemic escalated the number of patients. Luckily, this time we are armed with Home Health Notify. This App has allowed us to manage much more patients very efficiently and effectively.

Appreciation & Gratification

We are proud to announce that we have had a 550+ census of patients through the pandemic, and are still providing care with a 4-star rating from Medicare. We have also received more than 320 5-star reviews on Google. This is not just a matter of pride but more so gratification.

I am very eager to share this Application with the Medical and Home Health Industry. I envision the entire industry benefiting from our well researched and compiled platform. I am confident, Home Health Notify will transform your agency and help your patients, the way it has drastically improved ours. I also want to thank everyone at TONE for patiently testing the software, through all beta releases, while working on the frontline.

Thank you!