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Frequently Asked Questions

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

HIPAA SMS guidelines were needed to eliminate the risk of patient health information being breached during the transmission or receipt of sensitive data, or while such data was maintained on a mobile device (cell phone, tablet,
smartphone etc.).

The secure text messaging application surpasses all the criteria for secure texting and HIPAA compliance. It automatically generates read receipts to confirm a message has been read and eliminates the need for follow-up calls and phone tag. The application also produces access reports and audit logs in order that administrators can monitor use in compliance with the HIPAA secure messaging regulations.

Research had shown that more than 80 percent of physicians use mobile devices to communicate with their patients or access patient health information, while a further study revealed that 66 percent of patient health information breaches were attributable to mobile devices being lost or stolen.

The Patient Driven Groupings Model is a case-mix classification model for home health organizations. The model took effect January 1, 2020 and is the largest change to the reimbursement system in nearly 20 years. The goal of PDGM is to get organizations to focus more heavily on the clinical characteristics of the patients they are serving and eliminate the use of therapy service thresholds.

The transition to the new model requires agencies to examine patient needs, comorbidities, and referral sources to determine if their case mix optimizes reimbursement. As case mixes change, agencies will need to take measures to ensure that their staff’s competency meets the level of acuity. For many, this paradigm shift is stimulating major internal changes to both optimize reimbursement and ensure quality care.

PDGM is affecting each agency differently. Providers should prepare by adjusting their practices and rebalancing their patient populations. To maximize reimbursements and stay compliant with the model; your organization must have a plan for how to provide effective and efficient care. Common issues include missing information in referrals, hard-to-reach referral sources, and gaps in staff knowledge about clinical groupings.

You can make your HHAs PDGM ready, but turning them PDGM effective is more vital. It is critical and need of the hour to implement accurate systems to optimise the results of the toolkits and strategies. The most pertinent option for adopting PGDM Policy is change in the daily work process of HHAs.


HOME HEALTH NOTIFY works as a game changer in implementing a much-needed transformation. It is the most organic solution for all HHAs for a revolutionary turn around in efficiency and accountability of staff. This tailor build App will contribute not only in changing the work ethos but also prove an excellent solution for PDGM standards. The Home Health Notify App progressively shifts your agency towards process-oriented systems and efficient staff. Transparent work ethics and real-time results are most favourable to all the levied parties, the patients, the agency and the PDGM policy.

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Home Health Notify has revolutionized the entire process of the functioning of HHAs. It is now all in your Mobile Phone screen, at your fingertips. Location maps and charts, HIPAA compliant transparent communication channels, well curated calendar and planners and reminders make it convenient for the Agency, Clinicians and Patients as well. Everyone being on the same page, expedites the medical processes in real-time, resulting in reduced hospitalization. Home Health Notify plays essential role in imbibing culture of accountability among staff.


The positive results and improved quality of care can be seen within weeks.

  • Manage higher patient census with current staff
  • Culture of accountability and responsibility in staff
  • Real-time visibility into patient care
  • Improved star-ratings on Home Health Compare
  • Reduce Cost

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With over two decades of experience in the Home Health Industry, we thoroughly understand requirements of this field. The driving force behind creating this App is to offer a platform to streamline and operate multilevel tasks in real-time. We took those learnings and crafted a platform, tailor-made for the Home Health Industry.


It will help you improve care, build a healthy organization, and grow your business. HHN allows access to complete information of your patients to all clinicians on their fingertips. The App improves patient outcomes, prevents hospitalizations, and helps you achieve 5-star ratings for your agency. Comprehensive scheduling calendars allow transparency of communication between patients, clinicians and agency. The App is HIPAA compliant and works with all EMRs.

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Home Health Notify(HHN)  is a trendsetter with a unique costing package, entirely based on the patient count. The price varies, according to the number of patients. The account of the patient can be connected with all the clinicians working on him/her along with the family members. HHN is exceptionally cost-effective and will save your company and staff not only a substantial amount of monetary funds but also time.


We have an industry-first pricing policy based on your  patient census and NOT on user count. This will give u freedom and flexibility to add more clinicians, physicians and even Patient’s family members without worrying about the cost. Our packages start from as low as  199$/monthly. Connect with our Product Specialist for more information.

HHN comes with a unique feature of connecting with patients, patient’s caregivers, physicians and the case managers at the hospital. User after sending the message will use function to make that message either visible to physician or patient.

We are eager to understand the challenges of your organization, as well as excited to showcase our dynamic HIPAA compliant App, Home Health Notify. We will be happy to explain how HHN can transform and escalate the efficiency of your agency. Let’s join hands to work for the betterment of the healthcare industry. We can’t wait to meet you!

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In order to receive messages from multiple facilities/agencies, firstly the agency should be connected on Home Health Notify and you must be added as a user. Rest managing the companies is as simple as switching between agencies.

In order to receive messages, user must be logged in to the app and also connected to the internet.

The HHA administrator is equipped and has access to add / remove users to their agency.

If you are logging in for the first time, your password is Test@123 and if this password doesn’t work or you receive a message that your password has expired, please contact your agency administrator to resend the invitation. 


If this is not your first login, Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to reset your password:

Step1: Click Password Reset link on the website or on the Mobile App

Step2: Enter the same email address to generate a 6-digit OTP (One Time Password), this OTP will be sent to your email

Step3: On the Home Health Notify mobile app or on the website enter the 6-digit OTP received to create a new password

Step4: Use the new password to login to the mobile app

Important Note: New password should be minimum 8 characters long with one Uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one special character.

The mobile app logs out the user once every 4 weeks. This does not make an impact on the messages. This system is a part of HIPAA compliance.