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Catalyst for a Successful Home Health Agency

Catalyst for Successful HHA

Improved patient care is the ultimate goal for every agency. Agencies should focus on improved patient care through efficient processes.  It is important to infuse a culture of accountability and efficiency throughout the company for improved care coordination. The golden formula that works for efficient Home Health Agencies towards improved patients’ outcome is:


Patient issues should be detected and diagnosed quickly, and should be provided immediate and appropriate treatment. For a budding home health agency with less than 20 patients, this formula is all they need to remember.  That’s the responsibility that we take on as a Home Health Agency and a promise we make to our patients and physicians.

But in order to scale this formula to hundreds and thousands of patients, we need to make some tweaks. As your agency grows, you have to ensure that you must apply the formula to every single patient that your agency takes on. How can you achieve that?

In chemistry, in order to accelerate and tune a reaction, we use catalysts! Catalysts dramatically speed up actions, while ensuring that they materialize reliably.  The Catalyst for a bigger Home Health Agency is REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION. This is the catalyst that connects your clinicians, patients, and physicians so that they can work as a team, anywhere, anytime to produce improved and accelerated outcomes.

Let’s explore some examples so we can understand this catalyst’s “mechanism”.

Facilitating Early Detection

It is extremely difficult to closely track each patient’s status, make sure there are no gaps in care, and keep everyone on the same page. Using a real-time communication app builds a culture of teamwork and accountability especially when managing a remote team with remote patients. 

Every time, when a visit is made, the clinicians can notify about it via our communication app, Home Health Notify (HHN). It only takes 30 seconds for them to check-in with the office.  This ensures that our agency is on top of the patient’s care. On the flip side if the clinician has not made the Start-of-Care or Eval visits of the patient, we can quickly resolve that.

Routine visits are the key to early detection.  HHN ensures that we are checking up on our patients all the time as a routine, and can catch issues at their onset and treat them instantly. Home Health Notify makes this easier by making your patient’s care completely transparent to all the parties involved.

Facilitating Effective Intervention

Once the medical issue has been noticed, the agency has to ensure that the care team makes an effective intervention, the clinicians can make relevant messages visible to the physician, resulting in real-time involvement. This enables physicians to provide timely and optimal care for your patients. Home Health Notify, works as a catalyst for an effective intervention.

Efficient and real-time communication is also very important while the patient is showing effective progress during the treatment. The follow-ups are as important as the initial visits. In short, communication is essential throughout. There are several options available for real-time communication platforms that are HIPAA compliant. 

Home Health Notify is tailor built for the home health industry by a Home Health agency. It improves patient outcomes and prevents hospitalizations by early detection and immediate intervention. The App will prove to be the Catalyst you have been seeking to improve the work efficiency of your staff and instil a culture of accountability. 

Reach out to us for more information on how you can “catalyze” your patient outcomes and business growth!

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