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Investing in People

Invest in PeopleRunning a Home Health Agency requires several investments.

The company invests money and resources into partnerships, technology, security, advertising, social media, research and development, and much more. The most important investment a good Home Health Care company would focus on is, “Investing in people”. The value, that efficient and motivated Caregivers bring to the Agency is multi-fold. Investing in people is a two-way process. Employers invest in their people so that they are happy with self-growth and willing to put in meaningful work for the company, and in return, employees devote their time, energy, talents, and the very best version of themselves to the success and vision of the company. 

It is the company’s responsibility to initiate relationships that help employees feel they are needed and can make a difference. It’s not just about rewarding hard work when it happens; it’s about inspiring a will to work in your team from the very beginning.

Why is it Important to Invest in Your Employees?

Investing in your employees / caregivers takes money, time, and effort, but it’s an investment worth making. When you invest in them, you also invest in the future of your company. By using a few strategic tactics, you can help staff gain company loyalty & be more interested & involved in their work. 

  • Attract Talent and provide Well Structured Training: Agencies that invest in the professional development of their staff tend to save more in the long run, compared to businesses that fail to properly train their workforce. When you invest in growth opportunities for your employees, they’ll in all probability, share this fact with the people in their professional network and write about it on popular job boards and social media platforms. Create problem-solving processes and seek strategies for team collaboration. Mentorship programs allow employees to become experts while inducing business growth. A positive impression of your agency will pave a way for new talent. People like to work in a positive and motivating environment. Let your staff be your best word-of-the-mouth marketing tool. Invest in good training, informational materials, and whatever else is needed to guide the workers to make good decisions and take effective action. A study conducted by IBM found that staff members were 12 times more likely to leave a job if the company wasn’t helping them to grow in their careers. 
  • Build strong Communication Channels to Avoid Micromanagement: Poor communication that results in employees’ efforts and talents being misdirected costs organizations millions of dollars each year. Develop open communication processes that provide structure to the team. Establish ways and processes for inter-department communication and other teams in the company. The organization should most importantly, define a way of delivering information to clients. Micromanagement has been found to lead to higher turnover, but, poorer teamwork, and health problems. Investing in training and job resources allow employees to better manage themselves and be more productive. HOME HEALTH NOTIFY APP is an ideal platform that promotes process-oriented work ethics. Well defined work schedule with Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Calendars define the detailed workflow of each process. All 4 entities, the clinicians, the physician and his team, the office staff, and most importantly the patients are all on the same page.  
  • Gain a Reputation for Promoting Great Work-Life Balance:Some companies get short-term results by pushing their employees to work crazy hours and carry an unreasonable workload, but those employees generally don’t stick around for long. Instead, investing in improved software like the HOME HEALTH NOTIFY will help them strategize their work in such a way that they  get enough time in hand to spend with their loved ones. This builds your reputation of a caring workplace and allows employees to give the best of themselves during the hours they spend at work.

“We have been striving to equip our staff with the most efficient workflow and processes through up-to-date technology. This initiated us to build Home Health Notify (HHN)”, says Salim Bhinderwala, the founder of Home Health Notify and CEO of TONE Home Health Services Inc. Michigan. He also adds, ‘ The App transformed our working ethics at TONE. It infused a culture of accountability and efficiency throughout the company. For me, the most important and exciting outcome was improved results for our patients due to improved care coordination. For the first time in 20 years, I saw physicians, patients, and clinicians communicating in real-time and preventing hospitalizations.’

  • Employees Who Share the Company’s Values Stay Loyal: Many personnel, especially younger workers, are willing to accept lower pay if the values of the company closely mirror their own. Spend some time learning what is most meaningful to your people about their work and update your corporate values with their input. This can foster greater employee loyalty and commitment to the organization. Give your staff an overview of your core business values, thus providing insight into how their role plays an important part in the company’s mission. Meanwhile, set aside some time and create an environment for staff to ask questions fearlessly. We all know, that the cost of replacing employees can almost be double their salaries or more. Building good relations with employees by investing in their talents, saves your business the expense of losing their skills. 
  • Assurance of Employees’ growth: Employees cited a lack of career growth as the top reason they would leave a job according to a report by Deloitte. A business that prioritizes the welfare of its employees naturally gains increased efficiency in its business functions. This increased efficiency creates a positive image of your organization and enables it to attract an increased number of new customers. When you create the conditions for employees to feel more engaged in their work, they convey a much more authentic, positive representation of your company than any amount of advertising. A Gallup report stated that engaged employees can even increase sales by around 20%. Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers.

COVID-19 has changed the employment landscape for many business leaders. The instinct right now is to retract investments in employees. It’s an intuitive reaction, but these short-term decisions could have long-term negative financial repercussions in the form of voluntary turnover. It seems obvious that if businesses want to adapt to changing market conditions, improve remote work processes, and maintain productivity with dispersed teams, they need to support their people. There’s more pressure than ever on people to produce and help their employers succeed.

The ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Home Health Notify App is tailor built for the home health industry by a Home Health agency. It improves patient outcomes and prevents hospitalizations through early detection and immediate intervention. The App will prove to be the Catalyst you have been seeking to improve the work efficiency of your staff and instil a culture of accountability. 

Reach out to us for detailed information on how investing in this cutting-edge technology App, will not just increase your patient outcomes and business growth but also keep staff happy and motivated!

Book a free demonstration and virtual tour of Home Health Notify at  https://homehealthnotify.com/schedule-a-demo/

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